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About Me

Ever hear of the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” Well, when I was 10 years old I was walking home from school and saw what seemed to be a perfectly good Sony Vaio desktop computer (VGC-RB38G). I asked myself, why would anyone throw out something so beautiful? So, I did what any curious kid would do and hauled it home. I carried that beast 2 blocks to my house and immediately went to work on it. I connected all the wires and attempted to turn the computer on. The computer however did not POST, but I couldn’t give up just yet. Now, at the time I knew nothing about computers, I just knew that my mom couldn’t afford one. With no Google and no help, I started taking it apart. You can only imagine the mess I made. Eventually, with a lot of head scratching and praying I got it back together and it was working. When the computer turned on I felt this uncontrollable joy and excitement and my journey didn’t stop there. I soon realized why the computer was thrown out, the Operating System language was set to Mandarin. I then didn’t know what to do but I did not give up, I went to school the next day and talked to my Computers teacher and he said that I should format the hard drive and reinstall the Operating System. He supplied me with the restore disk for the computer and told me to use the product key that came on the casing. I followed his directions and could get the computer restored into working English order. Ever since then I have always been in love with computers. I’ve taken jobs fixing electronics and even opened my own shop fixing them. I felt I reached my cap when it came to computer hardware and started on my journey with computer software which led me to obtaining my degree in Computer Science.


Newbury Shuttle APP

In 2016, as part of a graduating requirement I had to create a Senior Capstone project. I needed to showcase what I had learned throughout my time at Newbury College in a way that gave back to the Brookline community. One thing that concerned me while living off campus was the lack of information on the shuttle buses. There wasn’t an official schedule and it was difficult to track. My initial proposal was to create a GPS tracker for the shuttle system that would allow students, faculty and nearby residents to have a more accurate transit schedule. The bus coordinates would be uploaded to a database that I created which allowed me to use that information to update the application. I was not able to get proper clearance to add the GPS module to the shuttle buses, leading me to reinvent my application. Instead, I created a formula that gave users a countdown to when the shuttle arrived and departed. I chose to use Ionic Framework because it allowed me to create an IOS and Android Application all while writing the application in AngularJS. I utilized my knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and applied that to create the Application you see to your left.

Django Bulletin Board

In my spare time in my web design class I decided to challenge myself and learn about Django; a python web framework. When discussing potential project ideas with my professor he inspired me to create a digital news bulletin board. This bulletin board was designed to keep Computer Science students engaged with current events within the community. I integrated a Plivo API, this allowed faculty members to send text messages directly to the Board and update students of any cancellations, delays, emergencies and due dates. During the early stages of this project I decided to learn how to use and develop Bootstrap templates, which allowed me to speed up some of my front-end development.